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To provoke the artist to make art.

To prompt the generation of new works of art, new methodologies, and new mediums.

Challenges are a platform for work that’s been developed using an FGP specific prompt. The shifting guidelines, prompts, and forced collaborations aim to jumpstart artist creation.
Get Involved in an FGP Challenge by first signing up on our mailing list and keep an eye out for our call for artists. Then simply submit here for any prompt that you’re jazzed about and we’ll get back to you from there! Check out the archive to see past examples.
FGP’s annual retreat, BRB is a place for artists or collaborative teams to escape the hussle and bussle of New York City and focus themselves towards a specific project.
To Apply fill out an application online. Applications open in early March. Check back on our BRB Page to find out more information for this year’s retreat.
FGP’s year long development series, Playground, helps a group of writers and creators develop full length pieces over the course of an entire year.
To Apply fill out an application online. Applications open in Late December/early January of each year. Check out the Playground Page for further information.


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By continuing to grow our community of participating artists + audiences, we are able to increase the diversity of thought and approach.

innovative prompts
Our prompts are designed to inspire artists to create new concepts, try new methodologies, or develop new mediums of work.

resourcing artists
We help remove logistical roadblocks from the creative process,allowing our artists to more fully focus on experimental creativity.

By issuing deadlines, we propel artists through initial incubation of ideas into building concrete proof-of-concept works.

Our showings aim to create a fluid conversation between artist + audience

artistic zeitgeist
We aim to give aggressive momentum to new thoughts entering the artistic community.

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