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FGP 2014-03 Ultimate Clash

Brought to you by memes.

May 20, 2014

Holy Apostles Church
296 9th Avenue

How to Submit:
Three ways to participate!
ONE! get online and post a viral video the you LOVE. Post either on FGP’s facebook page or your own and hashtag it #FGPtoobies. We’ll use these as inspiration to create some surprise awards categories. Start posting!

TWO! we are calling for artists to submit a favorite video, gif, or meme and propose a live performance inspired by it! We are looking for dance, theatre, comedy, music, ANYTHING inspired by ANYTHING crazy on the internet.

THREE! we are looking for ORIGINAL VIDEO submissions! Did you make some web content this year? SEND IT TO US! We’ll vote ahead of a time, and at the event. You could have a chance to take home the FGP TOOBIE for Best Original Video 2014.

Submission deadline for live performances is May 5th.
Submission deadline for Original Videos is May 12th.

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For the past 5 years, FGP has nurtured hundreds of artists and developing projects.
We are looking forward to continuing to offer our community a deadline, a guideline and a space as often as we can.
Fresh Ground Pepper exists because making art is not easy. We exist because the financial strain most artists experience will squelch their artistry. We exist because artists cannot create and edit at the same time. Space must be made for creation without a product in mind. We exist because ideas beget ideas. Collaboration is important on an individual level, but also on a process, career building level. We exist because art is worthy of celebration.

Helping artists is Fresh Ground Pepper’s mission.
Help us continue to expand our reach and bring in even more new work from artists all over the city this year!
Donate a gift to our community registry HERE

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FGP 2014-03 Ultimate Clash

Applications now open for…
FGP BRB 2014
Fresh Ground Pepper’s Annual Summer Artist Retreat
Itching to get away?

August 14th through 21st

Little Pond
Nazareth, PA

A week-long get away to focus on developing your own work, without the distractions of city life!

Applications are due SUNDAY MAY 25th at midnight.
Retreat artists will be notified by Monday June 9th of their selection.

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