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Our Seventh Birthday

February 2015

Fresh Ground Pepper kicks off its 7th season with previews of new works slated for production in the upcoming year.
Join us, have a drink, and be the one to say you saw it first.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

For the past 6 years, FGP has nurtured hundreds of artists and developing projects.
We are looking forward to continuing to offer our community a deadline, a guideline and a space as often as we can.
Fresh Ground Pepper exists because making art is not easy. We exist because the financial strain most artists experience will squelch their artistry. We exist because artists cannot create and edit at the same time. Space must be made for creation without a product in mind. We exist because ideas beget ideas. Collaboration is important on an individual level, but also on a process, career building level. We exist because art is worthy of celebration.

Helping artists is Fresh Ground Pepper’s mission.
Help us continue to expand our reach and bring in even more new work from artists all over the city this year!
Donate a gift to our community registry HERE


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FGP PlayGround began as an end-of-the-year play reading marathon in December 2009, presenting eight new plays in two days. Since then, PlayGround has evolved into a habitat for emerging theater creators to develop more fully realized experiments.

PlayGround is a place where writers of all mediums convene over the course of a year to convert their pages, projects, and ideas into fresh new works. The group will meet monthly to give supportive feedback on each other’s work, as well as collaborate with one another at various FGP Challenges, throughout the season. Writers are given 1-2 workshop opportunities with paired directors and artists, with an aim to continue collaborative working relationships for our end of year showcase at the PlayGround Reading Festival.

We are looking for writers of all levels of experience with projects at any stage of development (as long as it still needs developing!). Female writers and writers of color are encouraged to apply. Writers must live in NYC or have the ability to commute for all meetings and FGP events in 2015.


apply here