Fresh Ground Pepper incubates and celebrates new works of art by adventurous artists of all mediums. We believe that the creative spirit is nurtured by delighted exploration and collaborative communities. FGP strives to find new voices and push them each toward surprising frontiers.

Since its inception in 2009, FGP has hosted over 50 events that showcase theater-makers, musicians, dancers, media artists, comedians, visual/installation artists, writers, and designers, with the intention of jumpstarting and celebrating the creative process. 100% of our programming is devoted to developing emerging art,and our submissions process is open to all applications.


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FGP has three different long-term working groups that meet over the course of the year to develop new artistic projects. They are our IN-HOUSE ARTISTS, selected by FGP to collaborate together on one new devised piece, the PLAYGROUND PLAYGROUP for writers and directors, and the NEW PRODUCER’S LAB for emerging creative producers. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.
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CHALLENGES are a platform for work that’s been developed using an FGP specific prompt. The shifting guidelines, prompts, and forced collaborations aim to jumpstart artist creation. Get Involved in an FGP CHALLENGE by first signing up on our MAILING LIST and keep an eye out for our call for artists. Then simply SUBMIT HERE for any prompt that you’re jazzed about and we’ll get back to you from there! Check out the ARCHIVE to see past examples.
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Every summer FGP brings artists of all mediums, student apprentices, and working group members to its BRB RETREAT in the woods of Pennsylvania. Retreat artists will work solo and with each other, commune with nature, partake in classes and generative exercises and cook dinners for their counterparts. Bonfires, rehearsal hours, and a working piano await you. Won’t you join us in the woods? CLICK HERE TO APPLY.
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FGP will showcase all of its programming to the public in the inaugural FRESH GROUND PEPPER FESTIVAL, slated to hit earth in the Spring of 2018. Join our MAILING LIST to find out more info as it comes.


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At Fresh Ground Pepper:
We believe hopeful creation in the face of despair is a radical act.
We believe it is the artists who will illuminate the way forward.
We are ready to stand up for you, the artist, and follow your lead.
We are ready to stand up for your art. Sloppy, loud, bold, and joyous.
We are ready to do everything we can to help you make it.
Because Art is Action.


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Andrew Neisler- President
Jenny Beth Snyder- Vice President
Jaclyn Backhaus- Secretary
Jonathan Leong – Development Committee
Benjamin Williams- Development committee
Nate Koch – Strategy Committee
Meghan Sharer – Strategy Committee
Taylor Bell – Finance Committee