BRB Apprentice Program

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A two-week intensive for undergraduate students looking to build their skillsets in making original work and creative collaboration. In Pennsylvania and NYC.

BRB Apprentices work as actors, makers, and thinkers for a week in rural Pennsylvania, with the intention of learning about the art of collaborative devising and performance. The BRB Apprentice program includes master classes led by FGP Creative Directors and local community artists, as well as onsite work with professional artists attending the BRB Alumni Artist Retreat. All BRB Apprentices then bring their work to NYC, where they are guided through a professional rehearsal process for one week. Apprentices attend shows, visit rehearsals, meet other New York based artists, and examine different methods of building and sustaining creative process.

Apply for this program if you are:
-a current undergraduate student
-interested in theater practice
-interested in learning more about devising and collaborative theatermaking and creative producing.

BRB Apprentice program costs $800, which includes transportation, as well as lodging and food costs for the week in Pennsylvania. For the week in NYC, lodging will be sourced on a need-based basis.
Please do not let cost deter you from applying- payment plans can be arranged once you are accepted.

AUGUST 13-18: Apprentice Week at Little Pond Arts Center, Nazareth, PA
AUGUST 20th-24th: Apprentice NYC Week

Tips for applying:

-Be yourself in your application
-FGP loves big ideas – ones that seem to have an element of impossibility and discovery inherent in their exploration
-Remember that this is a communal retreat experience, so be mindful of how willing you are to engage with other retreat goers and their artistic practices and projects.
-Remember that FGP’s programming is 100% geared toward facilitating and incubating and celebrating the creative process. We love to engage in process – and the more you are seeking to engage with your artistic process, the stronger your application will be!

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“Working in an environment like Little Pond is so refreshing and revitalizing. I found myself with just enough time every day to focus and gather gratitude for the next full day of working, learning, devising, laughing, etc… This program should not be missed by an artist of any caliber or level but if you’re someone about to graduate college, or just recently graduated, FGP has curated a brilliant home for you to create and be accepted. Not to mention you get to show your creations to each other and show them in New York City! This program is much more that creating connections it can reframe and recharge your career as an artist and I fully believe in that. If you have the time don’t think about it GO!”
– Shannon Devaughn, University of the Arts

“The FGP BRB Apprenticeship is hands down one of the best theatre programs I have had the opportunity to participate in. I was very fortunate to meet and work with a group of excited, young artists similar and wildly different from myself while also learning under the mentorship of working artists and the FGP Co-Directors alike. The work at Little Pond is rigorous, challenging, and doesn’t leave room to second guess yourself but rather encourages you to dive right in. FGP BRB taught me not only about myself artistically, about what kind of collaborator I am, and what kind I want to be, but also at the most basic level, how to be a human being. This apprenticeship did such a wonderful job at creating a welcoming environment that allows you to take risks, to make mistakes, and to really put yourself out there. Having completed FGP’s BRB Apprenticeship I can confidently say I’m a better collaborator and have also built lifelong friendships.”
– Guillermo Contreras, NYU Tisch

“My time spent at FGP’s BRB Apprenticeship Program was exciting, memorable, and was the artistic workout I needed for my creative soul. The processes and methods in which we got to learn, experiment, and create with made no room for self doubt or creative blocks. FGP’s Apprenticeship Program will ignite your creative drive and give you the tools to learn how to coax your artistic work ethic out of hiding. I was so amazed how much work could be created with a small team of clever minds and a mere 15 minutes! An incredible opportunity to work with intelligent, creative, and passionate people so you can work hard, have fun, and make friends.
– Neo Cihi, NYU Tisch


2015 Apprentices:
Megan Hayes
Barrett Law
Julia Louis
Jenna Rush
Caitlin Cobb-Vialet
Lindsay Wolgel

2016 Apprentices:
JB Douglas
Lia Fitzsimmons
Bella Grace Leitman Harris
Jenna Rush
Emmy Weissman

2017 Apprentices:
Guillermo Contreras
Neo Cihi
Kat Giordano
Caroline Albert
Shannon Devaughn
Sav Souza

2018 Apprentices:
Marianna Hoitt-Lange
Aaron J. Stewart
Sarah Hough
Adrian Collings
Aliria Johnson
Emma Dorfman
Michael Delaflor