BRB 2017

BRB 2017

3 weeks in the woods
August 2017
Little Pond Arts Retreat in Nazareth, PA

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The BRB Retreat is a deep dive into FGP’s methods of delighted listening and joyful creation, providing an opportunity for artists of all mediums to initiate their own projects, build collaborative relationships, and develop their artistic process. The annual summer retreat, now in it’s fifth year, has served hundreds of theatre artists, musicians, choreographers, composers, designers, installation artists, authors, arts administrators, and podcasters. Applications are open to artists of all mediums and methods. Established artists trying their hand at a new craft are also welcome to apply.

The BRB Retreat programming presents two opportunities for interested artists. The first, available to all artists, is a 6-day retreat with a focus on getting a new project started in a community of artists working on similar goals. The second, is a 6-day retreat, reserved for BRB alumni, with a focus on developing an existing project with the assistance of FGP’s Summer Apprentices.

The 2017 BRB Retreat will take place in two week-long sessions between August 1st and August 20th.

Resident BRB Artists will pay a subsidized fee of $350 which helps FGP cover lodging, all meals, and travel to and from the retreat space in Pennsylvania.

Applications for the 2018 BRB Artist Retreat and Summer Apprenticeship will open next spring.


Kersti BryanKERSTI BRYAN works as an actress, producer and adventurer based in NYC. She loves jumping out of things and visiting countries that worry her father. Lot’s Wife is a developing one-woman clown show about the Russian gulags in 193.
Miguel GoveaMIGUEL GOVEA is an actor based in NYC, working working in film, TV, and theater. This retreat is one of his first forays into proper screenwriting, and he is both excited and intimidated by the opportunity. The film he’s working on with Jessica O’Hara Baker deal with our over-reliance on social media, and how it’s making us more lonely and detached then ever; but hopefully in an entertaining way.
Jessica O'Hara-Baker GJESSICA O’HARA BAKER spends most of her time as an actor and director. When she’s really looking to scare the crap out of herself she writes and/or sings, at least one of which she’ll be doing at BRB. Jessica and Miguel are working on a film about our feverish addictions to both technology and being told what to do.
Emma JasterEMMA JASTER is a movement director. She deals in high, low, spiritual, profane, ethereal, clown, international, local, silent and musical, but always always physical. She’s working w Kersti to make a history play into a physical comedy sucker punch that keeps us woke and still with hope.
Melissa MahoneyMELISSA MAHONEY/ is an actor, singer, and farm animal enthusiast. Since receiving her BFA from NYU Tisch in 2015, she has taken on many challenging roles, including a boat, a toxic phytoplankton, a shepherd boy, and the Bishop of Canterbury. Her project, a one-woman show, will explore her fascination with robots & aliens, and the relationship between imitation and art.
17436041_10104842709114070_3524594648608027360_oMARCUS MIDDLETON is a videographer/Photographer born but not raised in the South. He loves food, film, books, photography, books about photography, music…basically almost all forms of artistic expression.
Ryann WeirRYANN WEIR is an actor/writer who loves plays. She’s currently working on play called Canary Kids- a Laura Ingalls Wilder meets John Wayne outlaw story about a bunch of badass prairie girls.
Zach TrebinoZACH TREBINO releases absurdly grotesque performances, videos, and texts into the world like dis-eased canaries. His project, consumption, is a toy theatre-cum-stop motion animation integrated live performance in which he re-tells the myth of roman emperor Heliogabalus as a ten-year old Antonin Artaud who is taking a bath under the supervision of his mother.
Nicole WeissNICOLE WEISS is a singer, actor, and songwriter, who has most recently been seen on tour with Vocalosity and singing with John Early at the Bell House. She can’t help it that every dog loves her.
1914802_944753045432_49269048385295086_nMORGAN MCGUIRE Bio coming soon!
Natalie Zutter NATALIE ZUTTER writes plays & audio dramas that use superheroes to examine female competition and ableism, sex robots to rip into “friends with benefits,” time travel to unravel, gaslighting, and true-crime podcasts that let Final Girls write their own endings. Her current projects can all be summed up as “this cool thing is ruined by sexual assault.” In Denial and Other Safe Spaces, two kinksters and two larpers are horrified to discover that their respective retreats have rented the same campsite for the same weekend; their attempts to mark their territory expose secret identities and blur boundaries between play and reality.
18952759_10101385899239045_1047578438932131838_nMARCUS SCOTTis a journalist, blogger, playwright and musical theater writer challenging the representation of race, gender, sexuality, class and intersectionality in popular media, the performance arts and international affairs.

Steven AckleySTEVEN ACKLEY is a writer, director, and actor living in Brooklyn, New York and is the founder of boom! productions, an experimental group that creates original performances that question theater practices and the various ways it can be performed to an audience. Steven is currently working on a new performance piece, the button, which questions the idea of committing to lies and feelings compared to facts by focusing on the main character who presses a button that he doesn’t know the effect of.
Jessica FreyJESSICA FREY is an actress (fun stuff: Sense & Sensibility with BEDLAM, Clown Bar with Pipeline, and BASIC WITCH, a member of the sketch team, Uncle Function, a writer, a teacher, and a sometimes caterer and babysitter. She wants to write a cult thriller revenge film with Claire Rothrock about a murderous group of unstoppable women. Watch out.
15540708_10105708885649199_6348717960161320089_oCLAIRE ROTHROCK is an actor and writer for things on stage and things on screens. She co-created the web-series Basic Witch with a righteous gang of girls including Jessica Frey and her play I Heard Sex Noises, co-written with Andrew Farmer and Ryann Weir premiered at Ars Nova and is now being made into a streaming series.
Dan DalyDAN DALY is a scenic designer, theater maker, visual artist, and all around good guy. He is originally from Central Massachusetts, but after brief stints in New Hampshire and Pittsburgh he now calls Brooklyn home. His “Portable Theater Project” is an exploration into what is necessary to declare a space a performance venue.
Seth McNeillSETH MCNEILL is an actor and playwright who has had his work read, workshop, and produced at Dixon Place, Fresh Ground Pepper, TinyRhino, Exquisite Corpse, Amios, Primary Stages, and at various theaters across the country. His title pending project will hopefully answer the age old question “where are you from?” in a more entertaining fashion than that to which he is accustomed.
Jen KwokJEN KWOK a writer/performer based in Sunnyside, Queens. Most of my work has been in comedy and comedy music, but my most recent project, Songs for One, is an incredibly intimate performance where I sing to one person at a time. This piece has been a huge shift in my work and direction as an artist, and my current “project” is figuring out how to continue down this new path that I’m on.
Sam SalmondSAM SALMONDis a Brooklyn- based gay ex- British Mormon with almost no trace of Mormon or British left in me. I write pop rock musical theater that’s hopefully melodic, funny, and cathartic. I’ll be working on a show called “Uncool: the Party” which is an immersive night of songs, games, dancing and storytelling that celebrates outsiders, rejects, and everything that makes you the glorious individual you are!
19388300_10155436508968829_5724336875356424294_oKEV BERRY is a queer playwright and performance artist who writes about gay shit, sometimes as himself and sometimes as his drag persona Frantic McDormand. His art-sister-wives are director Emily Moler and music director Emma Weiss, who for some reason still put up with him. On the farm, in addition to trying to avoid poison ivy and dirt, Kev will be working on his 10.5-hour 5-part American Queer Civil Rights Movement Epic, a play called FABULOUS CREATURES.
Lucy PowisLUCY POWIS is a dramaturg, writer, and educator who hails from Toronto and is now an MFA Dramaturgy candidate at Columbia University. She’s working on a play about seances, hoarding, literature obsessions, and inherited trauma, and hopes to finally settle on a title for it.
16826082_10158376936455595_1214890124433859841_oCHARLOTTE MOROZ is a playwright, singer-songwriter, puppet-maker and performer hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Charlotte likes to be a busy squirrel and has written, co-scored, and designed puppets for and performed in more than 7 original puppet musicals in the past 3 years, producing workshops with “The Society for Misfit Puppets”, a company formed with a Lincoln Center-based director. Born in Kentucky, raised in Vermont, and with family now based in Utah, Charlotte’s parents clearly can’t resist a good cult hot-bed, liberal and conservative alike. Speaking of the past and future, Charlotte will be developing her puppet musical based on interviews carried out with strangers on the subject of time travel and regret.


fgp programming logos 2017-17
BRB Apprentices work as actors, makers, and thinkers closely, alongside FGP’s Creative Directors and BRB Alumnus Retreat Artists for a week in rural Pennsylvania. Apprentices partake in master classes led by FGP’s Directors, as well local community artists, all with the intention of helping them to create a larger, collaborative performance as a group.

BRB Apprentices then bring their work to NYC for one week, where they are guided through a professional rehearsal process. During this week they will see shows, visit rehearsals, meet other New York based artists, and delve further into the process of making and editing original work. The Apprenticeship culminates in a showing in NYC, alongside that summer’s Retreat Artists and Alumnus.

Applications for the 2018 BRB Summer Apprenticeship will open in early spring.



18118786_10155209479397640_3846842408111628022_nNOAH MEASE is an artist & collaborator. He writes plays (Omega Kids at the Access Theater, dir. Jay Stull ; Republic at JACK, dir. Alec Duffy) and designs props for other people’s new plays (Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 at Kazino, A.R.T. & Broadway ; Annie Baker’s John at Signature – OBIE Award ; An Octoroon at Soho Rep. & TFANA ; multiple projects with the Debate Society). He’s currently developing a new project called Science Park with Jay Stull – a play about air and space and a neighborhood of retrofuturistic, spherical houses in the Netherlands.
10346452_10101113857003433_176820428779734739_nJAY STULL is working with Noah! He’s currently developing a new project called Science Park with Noah Mease – a play about air and space and a neighborhood of retrofuturistic, spherical houses in the Netherlands.
lena-h-012-WEBLENA HUDSON is an actor and writer based in New York. She has helped develop work for Ars Nova, Joe’s Pub, Clubbed Thumb, Fresh Ground Pepper, La MaMa and Theatre Reconstruction Ensemble, among others. Lena can be seen in the critically-acclaimed web series “Om City,” and is also in pre-production for a short film she co-wrote and will co-direct/star in called, Too Long At The Fair.


Neo CihiNEO CIHI was born in Japan Queer Haafu and is studying at NYU learning to make theatre, art, and on some level, a difference. Believer in goofing off in the space to make the magic happen. My project wants to be about a disjointed series of conversations that somehow intricately fit together to address the a haunting liminal space of the real/surreal, wrapped in the embrace of the intimate.
Guillermo ContrerasGUILLERMO CONTRERAS is a Wisconsin native and is currently a senior at New York University. Aside from theatre and performing his interests include, but are not limited to, outer space, the ocean, and dancing to sick tunes. His current obsessions are peach pear La Croixs and watching romantic comedies.
Kat GiordanoKAT GIORDANO is an enthusiastic artist who firmly believes in the immense power of live theater and is interested in exploring many topics through her art. Today she is particularly interested in gender, power, and close relationships. Kat also has a deep love for immersive / avant-garde / just-plain-weird projects and open / adventurous / just-plain-weird people.
ShannonSHANNON DEVAUGHN Junior at the University of the Arts and a southern boy that is so grateful to make beautiful art with these beautiful people. See Also: Likes Pina Coladas and getting caught on the train (MTA). Lead with love.
SavSAV SOUZA is a non-binary theatre artist who aspires to make every piece of theatre they touch queer, in a Midas Touch sorta way. They are super stoked about new musicals, art that scares people, and people who use correct pronouns. Sav is so excited to chop wood and talk art!
FGP picCAROLINE ALBERT is an actor and writer studying fiction in the Columbia University Undergraduate Creative Writing Program. She is also a human rights activist and seeks to create work at the intersection of art and political awareness. She is currently working on writing her first play.
Tom EspinosaTOMAS ESPINOZA was born in Santiago, Chile, but relocated to Allentown, Pennsylvania when I was three years old. There’s not much theater in Valley, so I guess I’m struggling to become a struggling actor. Anyways, I am looking forward to the time we’ll be spending together at this retreat.
KIRSTEN HANSEN is interested in reinventing classic texts, plays, or musicals for a modern audience. The intersection of storytelling and music excites me, so for the project I would love to explore the idea of a “live music video” in response to the divided nature of America today.

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