brb apprentice program– AFTER SUBMISSIONS

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BRB Apprentices work as actors, makers, and thinkers closely, alongside FGP’s Creative Directors and BRB Alumnus Retreat Artists for a week in rural Pennsylvania. Apprentices partake in master classes led by FGP’s Directors, as well local community artists, all with the intention of helping them to create a larger, collaborative performance as a group.

BRB Apprentices then bring their work to NYC for one week, where they are guided through a professional rehearsal process. During this week they will see shows, visit rehearsals, meet other New York based artists, and delve further into the process of making and editing original work. The Apprenticeship culminates in a showing in NYC, alongside that summer’s Retreat Artists and Alumnus.

Applications for the 2018 BRB Summer Apprenticeship now open! Submit HERE

Past BRB Apprentices
2015 Apprentices:
Megan Hayes
Barrett Law
Julia Louis
Jenna Rush
Caitlin Cobb-Vialet
Lindsay Wolgel

2016 Apprentices:
JB Douglas
Lia Fitzsimmons
Bella Grace Leitman Harris
Jenna Rush
Emmy Weissman

2017 Apprentices:
Guillermo Contreras
Neo Cihi
Kat Giordano
Caroline Albert
Shannon Devaughn
Sav Souza