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The BRB Resident Retreat is a deep dive into FGP’s methods of delighted listening and joyful creation, providing an opportunity for artists of all mediums to initiate their own projects, build collaborative relationships, and develop their artistic process. The annual summer retreat, now in its sixth year, has served hundreds of theatre artists, musicians, choreographers, composers, designers, installation artists, authors, arts administrators, and podcasters.

Apply for this program if you:
– Are an artist of any definition
– Interested in a rustic and invigorating getaway to nature
– Want to explore your own collaborative process
– Have an insatiable urge to start working on that idea for a your next project
– Ready for a communal artistic experience

BRB Resident Retreat program costs $350, which includes transportation, lodging, and food costs for the week.
Please do not let cost deter you from applying- payment plans can be arranged once you are accepted.

This 6-day retreat, available to FGP BRB Alumni artists, focuses on artists who wish to develop an existing project with the assistance of FGP’s 2018 Summer Apprentices.

Apply for this program if you:
– Have been to BRB before
– If you have a strong interest in building work with the BRB Apprentices in the Apprentice Program, please note this in your application!

BRB Alumni Artist Retreat program costs $350, which includes transportation, lodging, and food costs for the week. Please do not let cost deter you from applying- payment plans can be arranged once you are accepted.

ARTIST WEEK 1: JULY 17th-23rd
ARTIST WEEK 2: JULY 25th-31st

Tips for applying:
-Be yourself in your application
-FGP loves big ideas – ones that seem to have an element of impossibility and discovery inherent in their exploration
-Remember that this is a communal retreat experience, so be mindful of how willing you are to engage with other retreat goers and their artistic practices and projects.
-Remember that FGP’s programming is 100% geared toward facilitating and incubating and celebrating the creative process. We love to engage in process – and the more you are seeking to engage with your artistic process, the stronger your application will be!

Apply Here!

Applications Close April 19th, 2019

Past BRB Resident Artists

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Anna Abhau Elliott
Max Freedman
Ryann Weir
Andrew Farmer
Claire Rothrock
Jaime McGonagill
T. Adamson
Joel Soren
Dylan Lamb

Evan Watkins
Ryann Weir
Ben Gullard
Chris Williams
Stevo Arnoczy
Scears Lee
Charly Simpson
Trevor Salter
Max Reuben

Ian Axness
Anna Abhau Elliott
Vinny Deponto
Matt Gehring
Marina Tempelsman
Chelsea Hanawalt
Carly Hoogendyk

Lena Hudson
Benjamin Katz
Kevin Kautzman
Max Reuben
Michael Klein
Tori Keenan-Zelt
Kristie Wortman
A.P. Andrews

Callan Stout
Helen Banner
Hannah Vaughn
Jordan Schulze
Tori Keenan-Zelt
Gil Varod
Joel Esher
Victoria Flores
Jean Andzulis
Max Reuben
Joe Canatlupo
Gina Femia
Jonathan Alexandratos
Isaac Klein
Matthew Jellison
Thomas Gibbons
Jay Owen Eisenberg
Ryann Weir
Ben Gullard

Kersti Bryan
Miguel Govea
Jessica O’Hara Baker
Emma Jaster
Melissa Mahoney
Marcus Middleton
Ryann Weir
Zach Trebino
Nicole Weiss
Morgan McGuire
Natalie Zutter
Marcus Scott
Steven Ackley
Jessica Frey
Claire Rothrock
Dan Daly
Seth McNeill
Jen Kwok
Sam Salmond
Kev Berry
Lucy Powis
Charlotte Moroz
Noah Mease
Jay Stull
Lena Hudson
Paige Campbell
Amy Gijsbers van Wijk
Andrew R. Butler
Alphonso L Horne
Thomas Matthews
Phillip Christian Smith
Grace Herman-Holland
Tom Costello
Kate Eastman
Nathaniel Blake Johnson
Gil Torres
Roger Q. Mason
Anya Gibian
T Adamson
Graham Techler
Wi-Moto Nyoka
Jeesun Choi
Jessica Ellen Creane
Joseph White
Sarah Cook
Brenda Neisler
Noam Shapiro
Desiree De Cahlo
Freddy Epstein
Michael Barringer
Cristina Pitter
Ryan Fogarty
Jackie Rivera
Aaron Gonzalez
Rebecca Vineyard
Wil Petre
Danielle Beckmann

Matthew Solomon
Chris Tyler
Max Reuben
Shaun Peknic
Liz Morgan
Ben Holbrook