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The BRB retreat presents an opportunity for artists of all mediums to initiate their own projects, build collaborative relationships, and develop their artistic process. The FGP BRB Retreat has served hundreds of theatre artists, musicians, choreographers, composers, designers, installations artists, authors, and podcasters. Applications are open to artists of all mediums and methods. Established artists trying their hand at a new craft are also welcome to apply.

The BRB Retreat programming presents two opportunities for interested artists. The first, available to all artists, is a 6-day retreat with a focus on getting a new project started in a community of artists working on similar goals. The second, is a 6-day retreat, reserved for BRB alumni, with a focus on developing an existing project with the assistance of FGP’s Summer Apprentices.

The 2018 BRB Retreat will take place in two week-long sessions between July 21st and August 25th.

Resident BRB Artists will pay a subsidized fee of $350 which helps FGP cover lodging, all meals, and travel to and from the retreat space in Pennsylvania.

Applications for the 2018 BRB Artist Retreat and Summer Apprenticeship applications close April 27th 2018!

Apply Here!

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Past BRB Resident Artists
Anna Abhau Elliott
Max Freedman
Ryann Weir, Andrew Farmer, Claire Rothrock
Jaime McGonagill
T. Adamson & Joel Soren
Dylan Lamb

Evan Watkins and Ryann Weir
Ben Gullard
Chris Williams
Stevo Arnoczy
Scears Lee
Charly Simpson
Trevor Salter
Max Reuben

Ian Axness
Anna Abhau Elliott
Vinny Deponto
Matt Gehring
Marina Tempelsman
Chelsea Hanawalt
Carly Hoogendyk
Lena Hudson
Benjamin Katz
Kevin Kautzman
Max Reuben
Michael Klein
Tori Keenan-Zelt
Kristie Wortman
A.P. Andrews

Callan Stout
Helen Banner
Hannah Vaughn
Jordan Schulze
Tori Keenan-Zelt
Gil Varod
Joel Esher
Victoria Flores
Jean Andzulis
Max Reuben
Joe Canatlupo
Gina Femia
Jonathan Alexandratos
Isaac Klein
Matthew Jellison
Thomas Gibbons
Jay Owen Eisenberg
Ryann Weir
Ben Gullard

Kersti Bryan
Miguel Govea
Jessica O’Hara Baker
Emma Jaster
Melissa Mahoney
Marcus Middleton
Ryann Weir
Zach Trebino
Nicole Weiss
Morgan McGuire
Natalie Zutter
Marcus Scott
Steven Ackley
Jessica Frey
Claire Rothrock
Dan Daly
Seth McNeill
Jen Kwok
Sam Salmond
Kev Berry
Lucy Powis
Charlotte Moroz
Noah Mease
Jay Stull
Lena Hudson