Our first ever artist retreat!
August 18-26,2013
Little Pond Arts Retreat in Nazareth, PA

The retreat will have three major components:

Artist Development:
– This will be your time to work on a personal project of your choosing. This can be something you are currently developing or a totally new idea. The other artists at BRB will be available to work with you as collaborators. Groups or companies can apply together, but each group member counts as someone on the retreat.

Company Development:
– Each retreat artist will teach a master class in a subject of their choosing to the rest of the artists on the retreat as well as potentially members of the community. Each artists will also collaborate with other retreat artists on their work.

Community Collaboration:
– The week will culminate in an FGP event held at Little Pond retreat merging both FGP BRB artists and artists from the Nazareth, PA community (and surrounding areas). Each FGP artist must build and show a small piece at this event, and may be asked to combine this piece or collaborate with artists from the neighboring community.


Oak Ridge Tennessee: An Atom Spy Vaudeville
A new play that explores the absurdly true history of the race for the nuclear bomb during World War II. We follow Dr. Koval, a Soviet spy who lands a job at a top-secret uranium enrichment plant, as he gets tangled with Dinah, an employee with a sordid past. Back in Moscow, two cryptographers attempt to decipher Koval’s information, despite the Nazi encroachment and the cruel winter. But it’s funny, I swear.

Origin Story, AKA Lenin-Batman Play
Expelled from university, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov moves with his mother to a country estate, where he refuses to take up farming or engage with the local peasantry—he’s too busy planning socialist revolution on their behalf. His uneasy friendship with an idealistic neighbor and the intervention of a pair of Marxist cows turn Ulyanov from an angry young man into a hardened superhero called Lenin.

I Heard Sex Noises: A Glimpse At Garden Life On Roosevelt Island
Inspired by a New York Times article about pea patch politics on Roosevelt Island, this piece will go in depth to explore the chaos, paranoia and panic that ensues amongst the elderly residents after someone messes with their garden privileges. Somehow orgies and assassination attempts come into play. Messed up stuff.

A guided walk through Prospect Park at sunset, using creatures from fairy tales and their darker alter-egos.

Dead in Brooklyn
A new play, written by T. Adamson and directed by Joel Soren, about life, love, and loss in the hippest of NY boroughs, Brooklyn. When mild-mannered Susie Reality realizes everyone around her is calling her Louise instead of Susie, her real name, it sends her spiraling down a rabbit hole of lost identity, underground fires, singing eyeballs, avian royalty, reverse-anthropomorphic teenage vagabonds, charismatic strangers, masks, singing, farce, plastic frogs, and one very, VERY mannered 17th-century French drama.

A two-hander set in a gentrifying neighborhood. A shoeless young fella locks himself out of his significant other’s apartment and is coaxed with beer into listening to a wizened loiterer wax poetical on all of human history. Each of the loiterer’s anecdotes is inspired by a new backside that passes them on their front stoop. A lifetime is shared in a six-pack.

Come party in the woods with FGP!
Saturday August 24th
Little Pond Retreat
92 S Penn Dixie Rd‎
Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064

Join the FGP BRB staff and retreat artists for a closing night, blow-out celebration.
Get there by 7:30pm for a special showing of work developed at BRB.
Stay afterward for a camp-out, grill-out bonfire.

Little Pond is just a quick 2 hour drive from NYC!
Or, round trip bus tickets are $44 from Port Authority to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We can pick you up at the bus station! Find more information on fares here:


Monday, September 16 at 8pm
Tom Noonan’s Paradise Factory
64 East 4th Street

A special event as part of (not just) 3 New Plays

Come and see a snippet of what this year’s BRB artists have been working on!

Featuring work by:
Ryann Weir, Andrew Farmer & Claire Rothrock
Max Freedman
Dylan Lamb
Anna Abhau Elliott
T. Adamson & Joel Soren

Pay-what-you-can to enter, grab a beer at the bar and say you saw it first at Fresh Ground Pepper!

(not just) 3 New Plays
September 8-29

Tom Noonan’s Paradise Factory

Produced in association with Fresh Ground Pepper

(not just) 3 New Plays is a month-long theatrical event that was formed to combat the individualistic, competitive structure of self-production. The core of the project is the production of three world-premiere plays by early-career playwrights in a shared space, on a shared set, with a shared budget. We are also inviting a bevy of young artists and companies we admire – artists who would not normally have space to make their work – to use our rented home for free rehearsals, workshops, and readings. We are not just renting a venue, we are not just producing three plays – we are building an artistic ecosystem.

Check out the website for information and to purchase your tickets.

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