Creative Leadership Lab

Creative Leadership Lab

The new Fresh Ground Pepper Creative Leadership Lab is a free quarterly workshop for people who currently hold or aspire to hold leadership roles within creative or collaborative processes. It is a place for those who identify as Creative Leaders to converse about creative industries, ask more of them, and expand our abilities to inspire change within them. Over shared snacks, coffee, and tea, attendees will engage with prompts that are part of Fresh Ground Pepper’s methodology of delighted process. Together, we will examine our responsibility to artists and the arts, learn more about our approach to new work and new collaborations, and gain new artistic networks and new metrics for creative process.

The theme for FGP’s Fall 2019 Creative Leadership Lab is

Sharing Strategies / Building Strategies: A Space for Creative Leaders to Imagine a Liberated Theater
Guest Facilitator: Kristine Haruna Lee

Sunday October 13
421 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Fresh Ground Pepper’s upcoming Creative Leadership Lab, led by theater-maker Kristine Haruna Lee (bio below), will be an intentional gathering and welcoming space to share personal and collective experiences around art-making that have come up against systemic and/or institutional power, privilege, bias, and oppression. We will work towards mapping out existing strategies that allow us to move through these often paralyzing moments, as well as inventing some new strategies together that build on a more equitable art practice. Through active listening & sharing, modalities of liberation-based healing, and inspiration from Adrienne Maree Brown’s seminal text Emergent Strategy, we will hold space for and with each other to begin imagining a liberated theater.

This workshop is intended for artists who urgently desire to detach themselves from outdated and toxic systems, practices, forces, and realities that no longer serve them or their craft.

Creative Leadership Labs are for individuals who believe in holistic art making and are desiring a way to create new environments for artists to thrive. There will be a conversation and creation component to the event. No specific experience required.

If you cannot join us for this CLL Workshop, please stay tuned for announcements about upcoming Workshops in the Winter.

Because participation is limited, all participants will be placed on a wait-list and will be emailed by Thursday October 10th to confirm their participation.

Kristine Haruna Lee is a Taiwanese-Japanese-American theater maker whose work is rooted in a liberation-based healing practice. Their plays are often portals into personal and collective stories navigating transcultural experiences, memory, and consciousness, and the conflicts that arise when dealing with the simultaneity of contradicting selfhood – often expressed as pluralities or fragmentations of racialized, gendered, and sexual identities and desires. With her theater company harunalee, she utilizes handmade and craft objects to create visually stunning and visceral performances that meditate on the more disruptive bodies of thought that sit within one’s psychic landscape, while promoting arts activism and emergent strategies for the theater through ethical and process-based collaborations.