A journey through time.
October 12, 2015
The Sheen Center

Monday October 12th, 2015
… and 1946 and 2075 and 1864 and 1490 and 1988…
Doors at 7:00pm
Show at 7:30pm

The Sheen Center
Blackbox Theater
18 Bleecker Street

FGP Decades will merge new collaborators together for the first time to bring eras of US History (and future) to life! As our time-traveling hosts move from decade to decade, artistic teams will create new ten-minute performances quintessential of a certain time period. Where and when will our hosts go? Who will they meet?

hosted by: T. Adamson and Cat Crowley

featuring brand new work:
1960sBombing for Peace is Like Fucking for Virginity
created by: Rachelle Eastburn
Alex Keegan
Ken Kruper
Phoebe Rose Sandford

created by: Lelia Ben-Abdullah
Lindsay Griffin
Mark Van Hare
Annalisa Ledson
Jamie Watkins

created by: Kate Bell
Michael William Bernstein
Yvonne Gougelet
Will Steinberger

1490sO Brother Bart Where Art Bart?
created by: Willy Appelman
Todd Dakotah Briscoe
Colby Day
Daniel Johnsen
Ben Katz

1580sMY LOVING PEOPLE (Dedicated to the Memory of Barbra Vann, Medicine Show Theatre)
created by: Trevor Bachman
Renee Hermiz
Trevor Salter
Howard Pflanzer

1930sDirty Flirty Thirties
created by: Skylar Fox
Simon Henriques
Callie Nestleroth
Michael Niederman
Jacqui Rego

1840sDear Sister
created by: Maria Aparo
Taylor Haven Holt
Elizabeth Lee
Matthew McShane
Francesca Pasniokas
RJ Vaillancourt

1980sX-ES (or, There’s Nothing More Natural than Plastic)
created by: Members of FGP’s 2015-2016 Playground Playgroup –
Joe Castle Baker
Julia Izumi
Matthew Jellison
Claire Kiechel
Molly Beach Murphy
Lindsey Hope Perlman
Andrew Scoville
Chris Tyler

*** We accept high rollers and low rollers, but not no rollers. ***

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