In House Artists

fgp programming logos 2017-18

Fresh Ground Pepper’s In-House Artists are a group of unique artists selected by FGP to collaborate and develop a brand-new project from the ground up. These artists will work directly with FGP’s Creative Directors, utilizing the company’s delighted feedback model to nurture a project’s development over the course of a year, or longer. The goal of the residency is to delve deeper into FGP’s process for creation and to provide an opportunity for artists within our community to continue to grow, alongside our creative staff.

In-House Artists will perform showings of new work at events throughout the year. They will be participate in 2-3 short rehearsal intensives and a week-long rehearsal process at BRB, FGP’s summer artist retreat. Their sloppy, loud, bold, and joyous project will premiere as a workshop production in Spring 2018 as part of the first ever Fresh Ground Pepper Festival.