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2017-2018 PlayGround PlayGroup
FGP’s season-long collaborative workshop for writers, directors, and writing/directing teams.

Now in it’s fifth year, The PlayGround PlayGroup meets monthly to share work, commiserate about writing and life, and eat lots of snacks, enforcing Fresh Ground Pepper’s mission to provoke artists to take risks, and to bring artists together and present work mid-process to supportive audiences. Their projects will debut at the first ever Fresh Ground Pepper Festival in Spring 2018.

Applications are open to both emerging artists who have complete drafts of their work and those whose ideas are very fresh. Established artists trying their hand at a new craft are also welcome to apply.
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New Producer’s Lab
An experimental lab to re-invent and re-invigorate creative producing.

FGP’s first ever New Producer’s Lab will offer a group of three emerging creative producers the chance to curate their own events, as part of the 2017-2018 season.

The New Producers Lab will work as a group with the FGP Creative Directors, to dream up, organize, and manage an artistic Challenge event in the summer of 2017, prompting other artists to create within a given set of obstructions. In 2018, each member will take on their own Challenge event, as a part of the brand new Fresh Ground Pepper Festival. They will utilize the company’s resources and community of artists to engage in conversation with a wide array of mediums, as they bring their ideas to life.

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In House Artists
FGP will select and collaborate with 5 unique artists to develop a brand-new project from the ground up. These artists will directly work with FGP’s Creative Directors and utilize the company’s delighted feedback model to nurture development over the course of a year, or longer. The goal of the residency is to delve deeper into FGP’s process for creation and to provide an opportunity for artists within our community to continue to grow, alongside our creative team.

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