BRB: Residency & Apprentice Programs

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The 2019 BRB Artist Retreat
FGP’s annual creative escape to the woods of rural Pennsylvania.

The BRB retreat presents an opportunity for artists of all mediums to initiate their own projects, build collaborative relationships, and develop their artistic process. The FGP BRB Retreat, now in its seventh year, has served hundreds of theatre artists, musicians, choreographers, composers, designers, installations artists, authors, recording artists, and more. Applications are open to artists of all mediums and methods.

The BRB Retreat programming presents two opportunities for interested artists. The first, available to all artists, are 6-day retreats with a focus on getting a new project off the ground among a community of artists working on similar goals. The second, is a 6-day retreat, reserved for BRB alumni, with a focus on developing an existing project with the assistance of FGP’s 2019 Summer Apprentices. The 2019 BRB retreat weeks will take place late July through August.

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The 2019 BRB Summer Apprenticeship
A two week intensive for undergraduate students looking to hone their own process of making original work.

BRB Apprentices work as actors, makers, and thinkers closely, alongside FGP’s Creative Directors and BRB Alumni Retreat Artists for a week in rural Pennsylvania. Apprentices partake in master classes led by FGP’s Directors, as well local community artists, all with the intention of helping them to create a larger, collaborative performance as a group.

BRB Apprentices then bring their work to NYC for one week, where they are guided through a professional rehearsal process. During this week they will see shows, visit rehearsals, meet other New York based artists, and delve further into the process of making and editing original work. The Apprenticeship culminates in a showing in NYC, alongside that summer’s Retreat Artists and Alumni.

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